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Bluetooth RGB LED controller with APP (V2)

Bluetooth RGB LED strip controller (latest V2 version) with extensive APP. Control your RGB LED strip directly via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet. Wide color range and clock with timers.
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Artikelnummer: AL-CO-BT-RGB

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BLUETOOTH 4 RGB LED strip controller, the latest version 2 model with extensive APP for smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android). Control your RGB LED strip directly via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet. Wide 16 million color wide RGB color range, also for creating soft pastel tints.

The Bluetooth APP is also equipped with a screen where you can set timers to switch the lights on or off and change color or dimmer setting at certain times. This is ideal for when you are on holiday and automatically switch on the light at specific times. Also handy for automated timed control of LED illuminated signs. The controller stores all settings so the device with App doesn't have to be in range.

You can choose from a variety of preset effects, but you can also create a custom color program with the APP of this Bluetooth LED controller. It is also possible to load a MP3 music file for color effects.

You can easily use multiple Bluetooth lamps and multiple Bluetooth LED controllers together and operate both individually or in a group, all from within the same APP.

What else do you need:

  • A smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth version 4 support and the freely downloadable APP
  • A 12 Volt (or 24 volt) power supply
  • An RGB LED-stripWifi-RGBW-Controller-APP-Magical-Timer-control-music-control


  • Compatibel with al our power supplies and RGB LED strips
  • Not compatible with other AppLamp wireless remote bulbs or controllers, only with this Bluetooth RGB LED strip controller
  • Suitable for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • For the APP Bluetooth version 4.0 is required. This Bluetooth version is present on almost all current phones. For Apple an iPhone 4S is at least required, and for Android at least version 4.2

How to initiate a connection with the Bluetooth LED light:

  • Switch on Bluetooth on your phone and install the APP
  • Screw the bulb into the socket and switch on the power
  • After switching on the bulbs power, you have 1 minute to startup the APP to let it scan for the Bluetooth lamp. Within the first minute you need to tap the "Add Device" button to add the found Bluetooth bulb(s) by the App Controller.
  • You can now continue to use the APP by clicking on the added device.

Support page (APP download):


Voltage: DC 12 - 24 Volt
Power output: RGB uitput 4A per channel
RF receiver: Bluetooth 4.0, OS: >= IPhone 4S, >= Android 4.2
Functions: on/off, dimming, set color, custom effects, MP3 upload, clockt timers
Memory: yes, last setting
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