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AppLamp API for Dev's

AppLamp Wifi LED API

This JS API example code illustrates how to send commands to an AppLamp Wifi Box over UDP and
control the Mi-Light Wi-Fi RGBW / RGB and Dual White bulbs and LED controllers with JS.

The example code is written in JS and executed on the NodeJS platform.
I kept the examples as abstract as possible so they can easily be ported to any other language
that has the ability to send UDP hexadecimal packets.
Please share your (ported) repositories with us and have a good time coding your LED lights :)
We love to see your work!

2 JS files below:

- wifibox.js (connect to wifi box and send a command originating from command.js )
- commands.js (functions that return the appropriate 3-byte control commands to send to the box)

Get files from github