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AppLamp Wifi Kit + 10 meter RGBW Color & Warm White LED strip

Wi-Fi LED strip kit for full color, but also the additional comfort of warm white light within 1 ledstrip! This kit contains 2 rolls of 5 meter LED strip each, a 10Amp 12V adapter, Wifibox, LED strip controller and a 4-zone color touch remote control...
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Artikelnummer: AL-SK-RGBW360-WW-10M

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AppLamp offers an APP controlled LED strip in a complete Wifi starter kit which gets you up and running in minutes! From now on you can operate super bright Full Color (5050) Multicolor RGBW LED strips with 360 LED's via your Apple / Android smartphone or tablet. These 5 meter LED strips counts 180 RGB and 180 real Warm White LED's.
This is the new and improved version with a totally re-designed APP/Remote, Wifi Box and Controller. You will now be able to control LED strip or any colored lighting in 4 different zones, each with individual settings!

The possibilities are endless; For example a colorful illumination of your ceiling, a featured staircase, a decorative color accent in cabinets or store windows, etc. Water resistant so its also perfectly safe for use in the bathroom or kitchen. You can controll the RGBW LED strip via the smart Wifi App and besides dimming and switching in 4 zones, you can enjoy any color from the Full Color RGB palette or select real Warm White. Or use the additional 4 (Dual) White zones to make your home lighting complete.

Also, there are 20 pre-programmed color modes available. You can also control the optional Full Color RGBW and Dual White AppLamp bulbs in conjunction with the same App on your smartphone or tablet.
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The package contains 10 meters (trimmable to any length) RGBW LED ribbon with Wifi Box, led strip controller, a 120Watt power supply and a 4-Zone touch remote. The APP is freely available for Android and iOS. With the 4-Zone Color Touch remote you can also directly control the strip without the APP. This energy efficient Multicolor LED strisp consume only 14 watts per meter and has a high light output of more than 5000 lumens.

Wifi Startkit with Full Color LED strip and optional Dual White bulb

What controls provides AppLamp?

Full Color LED strips or bulbs trough APP or color remote

  • Choose any RGB color of the rainbow (color touch wheel)
  • Choose warm White
  • 4 zones with individual settings
  • Dimming from 5 to 100%
  • Master on / off
  • Four color zones on each Wifi Box with unlimited RGB(W) LED bulbs or strips
  • 20 effect modes with variable speed
  • Solid state memory for last used color and brightness

Dual White LED bulb trough APP or 4-channel remote (optional Dual White remote)

  • Continuously from warm white to cool white (3000K to 6500K)
  • Dimming from 5 to 100%
  • Night Light mode (0.3 watts)
  • Master on / off
  • 4 zones on each Wifi Box or remote with unlimited assignable white bulbs per zone
  • 20 effect modes with variable speed
  • Solid state memory for last used tone and brightness

Can I control the AppLamp light in groups with the APP?

Yes, each Wifi Box can control 8 unique groups

  • Four groups with an unlimited number of Full Color RGB LED strips lights
  • Four groups with unlimited Dual White white lamps assigned to each group
  • The color and white groups can be used at the same time
  • An additional Wifi Box adds onoher 8 extra groups (4x full color and 4x white color) to the APP
  • You can connect the App directly with the Wifi Box or you can configure a connection trough your home network and maintaining internet connectivity on your smartphone or tablet

Does the Wifi LED light fits and what is the size?

  • Dimensions of the AppLamp bulb: height 12cm, width 6cm
  • The AppLamp LED bulbs fit in any fixture with a (standard) E27 European socket
  • For your comfort, the AppLamp always turns on when you use the wall switch!
  • With our socket adapters, you can easily convert the E27 fitting into a smaller E14 or GU10 halogen fitting
  • AppLamp bulbs are worldwide certified and operate on AC power from 90 to 260 volts and 50-60 Hz
  • The LED bulbs also work when connected to a wall dimmer. The dimmer must be set at full strength. You can now control the brightness through the App or remote
  • You can connect the App directly with the Wifi Box or you can configure a connection trough your home network and maintaining internet connectivity on your smartphone or tablet
  • Optional LED strips are easily trimmable to a desirable length and quickly mounted with a self-adhesive strip

AppLamp lighting is safe!

  • AppLamp lighting is RoHS, FCC, CE and EMC approved and tested for safety.
  • The LED lights emit no UV or IR light
  • The bulbs won't get hot and can be used safely as a night light for children
  • There are no toxins, mercury or lead used. The bulbs can therefore be safely recycled
  • The AppLamp system uses Wifi encryption. So very secure and unsensitive for interference.

(The depicted iPhones are not included)

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